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Last updated 2023-09-13

I have not seen any updates regarding the bug that occured in August. In other news, NeoQuest.Guide now has complete data on monsters, items, and skills. Data includes probabilities, max hits, drop chances, and more information not visible to the player during the course of the game.

Last updated 2023-09-05

A user's ticket received the reply by Alice W. confirming that all users were affected and that game data will not be recovered, but no official announcement has been made.

Last updated 2023-08-26

On 2023 August 24, a bug occured that reset the NeoQuest progress of every account.

Usually, games inactive for 1 year are cleared. The bug caused all games, even active ones, to be cleared.

Game data is unlikely to be recovered.

The Neopets Team has yet to comment on the incident.

Here is a Neoboards thread with posts by those affected.

Here is a reddit post detailing the incident.